Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Facebook Award 2015

My partners and I earned a silver Facebook Studio Award for Budweiser's Buds For Buds beer sharing program on Facebook. A judging jury including industry leaders such as David Droga, Nick Law, Jeff Benjamin, and Mark Tutssel, It was chosen as a silver award for the Social Technology category.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Budweiser Buds For Buds

We teamed up with Budweiser to create a way for people to send each other beer through Facebook. My teammate Chris Jones and I worked with a local start up called Gratafy and AKQA to deliver a holistic web app called Buds For Buds. Using Facebook platform, age gate, and ads, people can choose a Facebook friend to send the beer, pay for it, and the recipient gets a notification to choose a location nearest them to pick it up. This was a first of it's kind project and functionality that allowed people to send beer through the internet. Conan O'brien got a kick out of this and added it to his monologue.

Bud Light Birthday

I concepted and sold through a Facebook program to offer legal aged drinkers a free Bud Light on their birthday with my partner Chris Jones. Together with Bud Light and Gratafy, we were able to deliver a solution where a Facebook ad drives through to a web app that allows people to redeem a beer at a local bar or restaurant nearest them. In addition to this we were also able to offer people the ability to send their friends a free Bud Light on their Birthday. People were surprised and delighted to see that Bud Light wished them a happy birthday on Facebook with a free beer.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Budweiser Super Bowl

Budweiser came to their agencies and Facebook to develop a campaign for the Super Bowl based on their #BestBuds and #Salute direction. For Best Buds, we concepted a way to leverage the momentum of their Clydesdale and Puppy TV spot to create engagement on Facebook. We created posts that allowed people submit pictures of them with their best bud. Budweiser then made a video following the super bowl containing the UGC pictures collected with the sponsored post. For the Salute campaign, we democratized Budweiser's salute to one lucky soldier featured in their Super Bowl TV commercial to the rest of their community on Facebook. We inspired friends and family to tag their soldier's names in the comments of posts. This ultimately gave people a voice to share the people who laid down their life for America.

Bud Light Super Bowl

Bud Light came to their Creative agencies and Facebook to develop a Super Bowl campaign based on their 2014 campaign "The Perfect Beer For Whatever." In addition to concepting the #UpForWhatever hashtag, we also developed a way to scale the idea out to the Facebook community based on their "Epic Night" TV spot. By creating a multi-tiered frictionless way for people to raise their hand for whatever, we created a high impact engagement mechanism to grow their community and engage with Bud Light for the Super Bowl and 2014.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The D Show Award Judge

I Had the honor of being selected as a final round judge for The D Show. Detroit's award show for creativity. Myself and 3 other judges reviewed work from brands such as Chrysler, Chevrolet,, and Ford. Ultimately we had some difficult decisions to make when selecting the winners, but I was proud to be able to participate with the city that brought me up.

Facebook Studio Awards

The Facebook Studio Awards are given to premier Creative campaigns on the platform. They're judged and awarded by a premier Creative council including members such as Jeff Benjamin, and David Droga. My role in the project was to work with our internal Facebook Marketing team led by Steve Farrell, as well as our design and production partner Hook LLC. My responsibility was to the concept, copy, and art direction of the final assets.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

facebook Global Creative Team Poster & T Shirts

My first day at facebook was nothing short of incredible. At the end of the day I designed this T-shirt and had it prepared to go to press. We used it as our 2013 Global Creative Team offsite T. In addition to this, I also designed a poster to go with it. The poster design was based on the T, but augmented for offset printing. I was lucky enough to be able to set up and operate the actual offset printer that produced the final posters in our facebook analog studio. What a day.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

YouTube Coachella Live Stream

As Creative Lead for YouTube's live stream of the Coachella festival, I was responsible for the Creative Direction and UX of the channel experience. In addition to the live stream on Coachella's YouTube channel, we also included the opportunity for people to hangout with their friends on Google+ and party together in real-time with custom graphic effects. You didn't have to go to Coachella to be there.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FWA Mobile Site of the Day

Our YouTube AdBlitz mobile site won an FWA mobile experience of the day for Google / YouTube on March 7, 2013. As the Creative lead, I was responsible for the UX and Creative Direction of the mobile site.
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YouTube AdBlitz

As the Creative Lead for YouTube's AdBlitz 2013 program, I am responsible for the user experience, art direction, and copy writing of the program. This is a digital ecosystem that lives across the Google Display Network including the homepage of on Super Bowl Sunday. My goal was to create an experience that lives within the Google UI, but in the flavor of YouTube's AdBlitz identity. Functioning seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, the interactive gadgets drive views, votes, as well as social engagement. 

Amex My Business Story

Amex asked us how to grow their small business on YouTube. We came up with the idea to create a video database of small business owners that acts as a location based rolodex on YouTube. I designed the original UX and worked with the design director and development partner to bring this vision to life. The design challenge was to create a templated UX system that allowed people to easily create their video commercial, but left room for some creative customization.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Google Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist houses some of the brightest minds of our time. I had the honor of designing the initial UX while collaborating with the Design Director and Developer to create the YouTube channel that houses the video content.
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YouTube Brandcast

I concepted the name of YouTube's annual Upfront event called "Brandcast." The concept behind the name came from the idea that Brands are using YouTube as a means of Broadcasting their brands across the web. Hence... Brandcast. The name was chosen and approved by YouTube's head of Creative and is now in use for the second year in a row.
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Chrome Extension

I recently concepted and designed the UX and visual design for a Chrome extension that allows users to surf the web with a wave of their hand. The extension uses the webcam as the gesture recognition rather than an additional external piece of hardware. The concept revolved around the idea that a simple extension is all thats needed to introduce gestural browsing for Chrome users on desktop devices. In addition to this, the ability for physically handicapped persons to access the world's information is also possible.

Paranormal Activity 4 Live

Paranormal Activity 4 was about to launch and they wanted a new experience with a creep-o factor to it that fit the tone and feel of the movie. We partnered with Particle Programmatica to concept and create this seudo live feed chat with the characters of the movie. You essentially log on and you appear to be having a live chat with the actresses and encounter rather startling surprises. We utilized HTML5 and JS to drive the webcam in browser without the use of FLASH.

VISA Go World

I worked with VISA to design the UX and visual treatment for their Summer 2012 Olympic Brand Channel. Building on their GO WORLD campaign, we created a stage for the world to share their cheer. Not typing it or taking a picture of it, but showing the world with video. Using the Google Earth API, this was designed to be a global visualization of real-time cheer data.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

McDonald's Video WakeUp

McDonald's wanted to promote their breakfast menu. So I concepted and designed a way for people to wake up with their favorite YouTube video... It also provided a coupon code valid at their local McDonalds with menu items to get them moving.

AT&T Gifterator

AT&T wanted to do something on YouTube for the holidays to help promote their devices and accessories. I concepted and designed the Gifterator to live at the top of their YouTube page in an iframe to let your friends know what you want, and let you know what you should get them.

For Dominos, I was responsible for the complete UX concepts and design for their entire digital ecosystem. this included all desktop and mobile experiences. This is their online ordering homepage interface that we designed and developed.
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