Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Google Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist houses some of the brightest minds of our time. I had the honor of designing the initial UX while collaborating with the Design Director and Developer to create the YouTube channel that houses the video content.
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YouTube Brandcast

I concepted the name of YouTube's annual Upfront event called "Brandcast." The concept behind the name came from the idea that Brands are using YouTube as a means of Broadcasting their brands across the web. Hence... Brandcast. The name was chosen and approved by YouTube's head of Creative and is now in use for the second year in a row.
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Chrome Extension

I recently concepted and designed the UX and visual design for a Chrome extension that allows users to surf the web with a wave of their hand. The extension uses the webcam as the gesture recognition rather than an additional external piece of hardware. The concept revolved around the idea that a simple extension is all thats needed to introduce gestural browsing for Chrome users on desktop devices. In addition to this, the ability for physically handicapped persons to access the world's information is also possible.

Paranormal Activity 4 Live

Paranormal Activity 4 was about to launch and they wanted a new experience with a creep-o factor to it that fit the tone and feel of the movie. We partnered with Particle Programmatica to concept and create this seudo live feed chat with the characters of the movie. You essentially log on and you appear to be having a live chat with the actresses and encounter rather startling surprises. We utilized HTML5 and JS to drive the webcam in browser without the use of FLASH.

VISA Go World

I worked with VISA to design the UX and visual treatment for their Summer 2012 Olympic Brand Channel. Building on their GO WORLD campaign, we created a stage for the world to share their cheer. Not typing it or taking a picture of it, but showing the world with video. Using the Google Earth API, this was designed to be a global visualization of real-time cheer data.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

McDonald's Video WakeUp

McDonald's wanted to promote their breakfast menu. So I concepted and designed a way for people to wake up with their favorite YouTube video... It also provided a coupon code valid at their local McDonalds with menu items to get them moving.

AT&T Gifterator

AT&T wanted to do something on YouTube for the holidays to help promote their devices and accessories. I concepted and designed the Gifterator to live at the top of their YouTube page in an iframe to let your friends know what you want, and let you know what you should get them.


For Dominos, I was responsible for the complete UX concepts and design for their entire digital ecosystem. this included all desktop and mobile experiences. This is their online ordering homepage interface that we designed and developed.
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Domino's Mobile Ordering

Our user experience and design of Domino's first Smartphone optimized mobile ordering system won top 3 best mobile experiences of 2009 from Creativity.
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Dominos Oh Yes We Did.

Dominos asked their community what they thought of their pizza and took the harsh criticism on the chin. Instead of sweeping the responses under the rug, they listened to them and changed their pizza... No they didn't?.. Oh yes they did. And I designed the user experience for the blog including user flows and wireframes.
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Burger King Whopper Sacrifice

Burger King asked, "Would people get rid of 10 of their facebook friends for a cheese burger?" Indeed they would... And they did. 250,000+ people lost their friends in less than 2 weeks. As a result, the facebook app was shutdown by facebook. I had the honor of designing the user experience that people used to sacrifice their friends. This resulted in multiple awards from Cannes, The One Show, and the Andy's.
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Volkswagen PollARizer

Volkswagen was open to placing a public poll on the homepage of their website based on current events. So I designed in the user flows and wireframes of how someone would vote, discover results and share the poll. This was a big step for a brand to offer public opinions on such a valuable page in their ecosystem.They opened themselves up to criticism, but in the end were praised for their courage.
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B Cycle Bike Sharing Program

For B cycle, I designed the user experience for this start up bike sharing Company. this sustainable bike sharing program required desktop, mobile, and kiosk interfaces to all cooperate and function together. We originally launched in Miami and Denver. Today they are in several major cities of the United States.
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Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

While at Crispin Porter + Bogusky we partnered with Seth Mac Farlane to create this never-been-done YouTube experience. I designed the UX for family guys scenes and users to over-dub their voice onto the videos and create their own stories and episodes.
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Burger King Kingon Defense Academy

For Burger King I designed the UX for the Kingon Defense Academy that was in conjunction with the release of the most recent Star Trek movie.  Users were able to defend themselves against moves like the "neon nurple." This earned us an FWA site of the day.
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Boulder Digital Works

While at Crispin Porter + Bogusky I had the opportunity to help build a continuing education school from the ground up. Boulder Digital Works is collaborative project with the University of Colorado, and was born out of the philosophy that traditional education institutions fail to provide the kind of business, technology, and creative thinking it takes to thrive in an innovative work environment. I designed the UX for their first website seen here.
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While at Crispin Porter + Bogusky I used my personal site as a means of real-time live streaming collaboration. I used Ustream as well as then emerging social networks to let people know I'd like to collaborate on remote projects. I actually met some of my favorite minds and friends by trying this early experiment. Some pretty incredible rock, paper, scissors matches happened during this time of my career.

Dean Harris Jewelry

As a freelancer, I designed the front end user experience and visual treatment for Dean Harris's online ecommerce site. Being that this was a showcase for his jewelry, I tried to create a very wide open space that would serve as a light box for emphasis on the product.
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Whistler Blackcomb Trail Map

At Texture Media in Boulder Colorado, I was able to work on a project with Whistler Blackcomb. I concepted and created their interactive map for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This was one of my first deep dives in to UX design, as I was responsible for defining the experience, the user interface, as well as the visual treatment. In addition to the design, I also programmed much of the Flash Action Script that powered the front-end experience.
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Lincoln 360º Explorer

Growing up in Detroit, it was only fitting that my first explorations in to advertising design be with automotive brands. This is an early 360º view of the Lincoln MKX. The interesting part about this at the time, was the controller in the righthand corner of the screen which followed the angle of the camera.


This was a poster from a non-profit company I concepted called Launch. The goal was to take abandoned warehouses in Detroit, partner with schools, skate, and bike shops to offer an after school program for under privileged youths to participate in adrenaline based activities.

Audio Techno Logy

This is a piece from a series entitled "audio techno logy." Inspired by my discovery of Techno music and the art of mixing.  This is an early image and typography study I worked on while in school at COllege For Creative Studies (circa 2002). I've always been a big fan of the void. In a world where we are inundated with signs, content, and calls to actions, the only way to create space, is to let it be and activate it subtly.

Where it all started

Back in 2002 at the College for Creative Studies Detroit, I spent all my waking and sleeping hours immersed in visual communication and graphic design. I had no idea it would lead me in to a career with adventures beyond my wildest dreams. My work and I were featured here in the School handbook representing the Graphic Design Department. Quite an honor.